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Elli LOVES to go to the trade shows and visit all the kids. Elli is a small 45lb chocolate female who loves to go to the trade shows and lay for hours visiting all the kids. She is a very on/off dog. When she isn't hunting you will see her amusing herself by carrying 5 pound rocks around the yard.

Citori is named after the double barrel Browning shotgun used for pheasant hunting. She is a small 45lb chocolate female, petite and full of fire to retrieve. Small dogs her size with lots of drive are great for pheasant hunting as they are able to get down low into all the underbrush. Her chocolate coat has a light undercoat given her a very distinct marking. Her half-sister Kai is a drug detection dog for Alberta Corrections. I'm sure she would be great at it too if given the opportunity, but we need her bloodline to continue as her mother Brumby is retired.

Sa Lee was a Lee pup and carries the same characteristics.  She attained her JH and WC Hunt Test Titles.

Case has a terrific nose, and a great hunting dog. Her father Sully was a superstar cadaver detection dog for a city police force, and she embodies that strong working drive.

Leeah has a great ball drive. She also has a very tender, loving personality. So her puppies will be great on/off dogs for hunting/companion dogs.

Rhema has a very calm demeanor, but don't let that fool you. She has tremendous focus that has led her to achieve up to a WCX title. She isn't the type of dog that is going to be running circles in the field. She'll run straight out to the bird, straight back, then sit down and have her eyes in the sky waiting for the next one.

Pepper is an energetic female who LOVES to retrieve. You will see her in the yard with a toy in her mouth all the time. She is a good strong solid dog, medium in size.


Gus is a playful chocolate lab. He is the definition of an "on and off" working lab. He's a laid back, take it easy guy in the house. That calm, but certainly not lazy, attitude transfers to the field.  When he is at home, he is a kind and gentle lab who always has a bone or toy in his mouth, but when he knows it is time to work. Gus is always ready to focus intently and get the retrieving done! He lays quietly in the blind and he is more than ready for the birds when its time to go get them.

Dozer is a lean, long-legged 80lb running machine who loves to retrieve anything big or small and then hang out in the Haskap orchard with Peter and Margie at the Bee and Thistle Winery and hunt with him in the fall. Dozer resembles his Master Hunt father Trailrunners Quackin' Drake.

Colonel is a beautiful 75lb yellow lab who loves to please. He enjoys hunting and easily passed his WC (Working Certificate) and JH (Junior Hunt) titles. He has worked at trade shows where he has been surrounded by and touched by many strangers, and enjoys living in his home most of the year with his cat and his humans, Pete and Jacqui.

Junior is a strong 75 lb. muscular dog. He has retrieved many ducks and geese at a young age.  He is quick to learn, really enjoys learning new things. He was able to compete 3 Senior Hunt passes at one year old and completed his last Senior pass at 2 years old. He is continuing on in his training and we hope he will excel to the Master Nationals. Breeding the best to the best for many years has produced dogs like Junior who are the epitome of Trailrunners' breeding goals.

Ozark is a focused hunter, who loves to be in the blind hunting. There's no place he'd rather be.

Hawk's name is fitting to his personality. He has a hawk eye focus for the bird in the field.

Tenko has a terrific nose. His grandfather Cruise was a cancer detection dog from Japan. His name means yellow in Japanese. This same detection drive translates well to hunting up birds in the field.

Troubadour continues the bloodline of his Master hunt parents, Trouble and Roary, who passed away at 14 years. Long life in these genes. Troubadour is a 65–70lb gentleman's gun dog - calm, eager to please and uses his amazing nose to find MANY birds. He is a pleasure to be with - in the house or hunting out in the field.