Manners and Behaviour Rehab

Trailrunners obedience training and behavioural rehabilitation.  

We train all breeds of dogs to be well mannered off leash, to take anywhere 

Your dog does not have to get put down because it is fearful. (has anxiety or aggression) 

We help them build confidence and overcome their fear.

Then we train you how to keep them confident!

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Treadmill Training is great for dogs. 

Learning to stay on places as long as you like them to.

Everyone wants (and needs) to trust their dog.  

People get a dog to be a fun family member, not to become an added stressor! 

If you can't trust your dog to not ruin your day, you and your dog need help!   

Aggression    Does your dog growl or snarl at other dogs or people? Has your dog bit someone, and you're afraid they're going to do it again?

Anxiety Does your dog freak out when you leave the house, or leave them alone?   Do they hate to have their nails done,  or get really frightened  when they go to the vet?  

Hyperactivity.   Maybe your dog zooms all over the house or wont settle down, or is always pacing.    Some dogs are put on medication to calm them but we have seen many of these dogs come off of their meds as they learn to relax.  They can and do learn and change in this area. 

Unpredictable.    More than a few dogs seem nice, or calm enough until an unknown  trigger causes them to act out of character.  For some dogs they reach a point where the new negative behaviour originally tried once or twice, becomes habitual.   Rehabilitation is essential in these situations.

Sneaky  Some dogs can become sneaky where they steal food when no one is looking or get into things they shouldnt. Some of these dogs will bolt from their owners or play keep away when you most need them to listen.  These are behaviours that can also be unlearned at Trailrunners. 

Whether you've had your dog forever and want to learn a few things or a brand new puppy and don't want to start any bad habits, obedience training is great for both the owner and dog. Create a lasting and enjoyable friendship with your dog who knows what you want when you want it.

You send us a list of all the issues, things like pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, chewing, messing in the house, barking and whining, and we work through those issues - and more.

Your dog comes and stays in a clean, indoor, heated Training Center, and our staff teach your dog to be respectful and follow the leader. We teach your dog to walk beside you  on and off leash outside with major distractions, to obey a “release command” for bathroom or play time, as well as come when they are called - the first time.

Your dog can learn how to exercise on a treadmill, run safely beside a bike and quad, swim, and even sit still in the boat when you cast your fishing line.

They spend the last week in the house where they tune up their “in house” manners and learn to be  relaxed and calm in the house, without barking at everyone who comes to the door.

On the last day (Just You and Your Dog Day), you will re-unite with your dog. Don’t worry they NEVER forget you! You will learn how to be the leader your dog needs you to be so your dog learns to respect you and follow your directions (and others in your family who attend), with lots of distractions.

After your training day, you will still have the dog you love and you will be the leader your dog needs you to be. You will LOVE your dog and be proud of everything they do!