Does your dog growl or snarl at other dogs or people? Has your dog bit someone, and you're afraid they're going to do it again?

Does your dog act scared, tuck their tail, and want to run away? Do they hate to have their nails done, or get really scared when they go to the vet?

Sometimes you feel that your dog is just too bad! There is hope! Come and see what you and your dog can learn and change together as your dog goes from impossible to forever.

Your dog does not have to be “put down” like so many people think, even if they have bit. Your dog can be helped to face their fear and be an overcomer!

If your dog is showing any signs of anxiety or aggression we can help them be a confident, trusting dog that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Some dogs need only one week until they can move on to our core obedience training, other dogs that have dog and people issues need two or three weeks until they are ready to focus on the remainder of their training.

Whether you've had your dog forever and want to learn a few things or a brand new puppy and don't want to start any bad habits, obedience training is great for both the owner and dog. Create a lasting and enjoyable friendship with your dog who knows what you want when you want it.

You send us a list of all the issues, things like pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, chewing, messing in the house, barking and whining, and we work through those issues - and more.

Your dog comes and stays in a clean, indoor, heated Training Center, and our staff teach your dog to be respectful and follow the leader. We teach your dog to walk beside you on and off leash outside with major distractions, to obey a “release command” for bathroom or play time, as well as come when they are called - the first time.

Your dog can learn how to exercise on a treadmill, run safely beside a bike and quad, swim, and even sit still in the boat when you cast your fishing line.

They spend the last week in the house where they tune up their “in house” manners and learn to be relaxed and calm in the house, without barking at everyone who comes to the door.

On the last day (Just You and Your Dog Day), you will re-unite with your dog. Don’t worry they NEVER forget you! You will learn how to be the leader your dog needs you to be so your dog learns to respect you and follow your directions (and others in your family who attend), with lots of distractions.

After your training day, you will still have the dog you love and you will be the leader your dog needs you to be. You will LOVE your dog and be proud of everything they do!