Guard Dogs

Guard dogs for our facility.

Canadian Czech Shepherds

At Trailrunners we found that we needed several “patrol dogs” to keep our Labrador Retriever dogs, the Training Center client's dogs, and borders of our property, safe and protected from predators. We spent many years studying a working breed of dog that could work for us with speed, stamina and excellence, (like the 'original trailrunners)'. We observed predominant qualities in Czech Shepherds of very strong nerves, willingness to work without any hesitation, and loyalty to our family and business. After 5 years of owning these amazing dogs, we finally made the commitment to breed these quality (CKC Registered) German Shepherd Dogs, with the same pride and excellence as the Border Patrol kennel, where they originated.

In 1955 a breeding and training kennel, owned by the Czechoslovakian Army’s Border Patrol was started by acquiring dogs who were to be used exclusively for the protection of the borders of the Czechoslovakian People’s Republic. The main foundation of the breeding program focused on strengthening the power of bones, dark pigmentation, strong nerves and willingness to work in tracking, obedience and defense work.

During the communist regime, these border patrol dogs in Czechoslovakia would apprehend 20 to 30 people on a daily basis. Nine out of ten people would give up when confronted by the dog. The dog’s main role was to defend their handlers from people intent on crossing the border at whatever cost, and to apprehend the persons with minimal force needed unless stronger measures were required. They were trained and very capable to do both. Even though communism and these strong borders have dissolved, this Czech bloodline of German Shepherds and the kennel managers that originated them continue. Czech Shepherds are a true working line that continue to work daily in high risk, threatening situations, in active duty with their handlers. The breeding and training compound has high security status with access forbidden to even police that do not work at this facility.

There are only 3 ways that quality patrol dogs are available with in the Czech Republic.

  1. A citizen there can breed an exceptional working dog to one of their females and get a puppy back for payment.

  2. Three kennels, owned by civilians are sometimes asked to whelp a litter for them and get a puppy back for payment.

  3. A pup/dog is brought in to their breeding program and a pup is given in return for payment.

Slowly these exceptional dogs have been making their way around the world. Many of these dogs have been purchased by police departments or competitors involved in the sport of Schutzhund. These dogs are very loyal and will protect their family, without regard to their own safety. They are accepting to strangers, when directed to, but stay aware of what is going on around them. They are bred with strong healthy genetics, and have great coats for our cold Canadian climate. We are excited to announce that we have been able to add this great bloodline of Czech (German) Shepherds into our line of Trailrunners working dogs.

In addition to our Shepherds, we have an Akbash guard dog who roam our fenced property at night. Since we are in the boreal forest, they chase away bears and any other unwanted visitors in the area.

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