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Our facility is in the Boreal Forest, on a hill overlooking a lake. The lake is great for taking our dogs biking and quadding in the surrounding trails, and swimming, whether for hunting training or just for fun. The building to the North is our Training Center building for dogs in training, with adjoining yards on all sides for compatible dogs to run around and play with each other. The building to the South is our Pet Resort where we keep our breeding dogs, with VIP rooms for other birthing mothers and their puppies. Our office is attached in the basement to the pet resort, with our home upstairs. Dogs who come for Obedience training spend the last week there with us.

Training Center

In our training center, all breeds of dogs learn to be well-behaved. At night they sleep in their crates. During the day, they are busy with their training, with treadmills to exercise on, places to practice staying, and yards to run around with other dogs in training that are compatible with them.

Pet Resort

When they're not in the field hunting, our breeding dogs get to spend their time in yards overlooking a beautiful lake. Inside, we have VIP rooms for our birthing mothers and their puppies.