Working dogs that work for your family.

Canadian Labrador Retrievers

Is the term "Canadian Labs" new in the Labrador Retriever world? If so it is long overdue!

Labrador Retrievers originated in Newfoundland/Labrador CANADA.

Many people ask if we breed British Labs or American labs. We are proud to put Labrador (a province in Canada) back on the map by breeding "working Canadian Labradors."

Trailrunners has bred Labrador retrievers  for over 20 years sourcing our blood lines from registered working dogs in Japan, England, USA and Canada. Every international bloodline however did at its start originate in Canada while most of the bloodlines did in times past develop in the UK, and later in the USA as well.

At Trailrunners we have sourced the best in working dog Labrador bloodlines in the world to build on and strengthen the purpose they were historically bred to do.  We do not breed any show or "conformation" bloodlines into our dogs because the conformation for work and soundness differs from that of a show dog.  For good reason.  They need longer legs to bound through the fields or water, and longer snouts to grasp geese.  They need a longer olfactory gland (nose) to be better "detection dogs" and to find lost or hidden birds. and they need proven longevity along with (documented) sound hips and clear eyes, free of EIC and genetic weaknesses in the areas of arthritis and cancer.

We strive to breed an exceptionally healthy "Canadian Labrador Retriever" to serve you for many many years,  without heartbreaking premature health breakdowns.

Trailrunners Labs are multigenerational Whole Prey raw food fed, resulting in noticeable extension in their longevity and overall health and disease resistance.

At Trailrunners we have 5 cumulative generations of "bred in Canada" Labrador retriever dogs who love to swim (even in cold water), have great coats for our Canadian winters, have OFA rated excellent hips enabling them to run, jump, and LOVE to retrieve whatever is thrown for them, even Canada geese! They are great dogs for active families.