Gun Dog Days Graduates

Gun Dog Days Graduates dogs and owners, from 2023!   We had 3 groups and all were very memorable with the amazing dogs and human participants 

Dogs trained to stay in mutt-huts until sent

Getting the blinds ready and all camo'd up!

Beautiful morning for working  dogs

Hunkered down waiting for more birds! 

Decoy set up in the wee hours

Mother and son team with their chocolate Lab Dottie .  For more pictures and their google review click here 

Nothing could be more fun than getting out into the incredible outdoors with fantastic well trained dogs and enthusiastic people!  You should join us sometime!

Group 1 was part of a production for wild TV Prairie Pursuit show.  What a way to have your gun dog trained and participate in some fun hunts for Ringneck Pheasant,  and get filmed for TV!  

Gun Dog Days Group 2  was extraordinarily fun, we trained in the field with live birds, built our own blinds, set up decoys together.   There was a Pudel Pointer, German Shorthair, and some Labradors (and their owners of course). With the benefit of  live birds in the field with the dogs, its great that  Trailrunners is located in one of Saskatchewan's prime hunting areas!

Group 3 was memorable with 2 German Shorthair pointers in training along with the one lab.  Smaller group but intense learning, from obedience and manners with your dog, off leash heeling, and retrieving everything you send your dog to fetch, without hesitation or detours.    All participants had a blast learning to lead their dog well, whether on a hunt, in the house, or out on other adventures together.   As with all the groups the weekend was made even more special, sharing good meals together, and some laughs, at Trailrunners.