Trailrunners Citori WC JH

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Citori is named after the double barrel Browning shotgun used for pheasant hunting. She is a small 45lb chocolate female, petite and full of fire to retrieve. Small dogs her size with lots of drive are great for pheasant hunting as they are able to get down low into all the underbrush. Her chocolate coat has a light undercoat given her a very distinct marking. Her half-sister Kai is a drug detection dog for Alberta Corrections. I'm sure she would be great at it too if given the opportunity, but we need her bloodline to continue as her mother Brumby is retired.

CKC Registration

Pedigree: Multi-Generational Trailrunners Dog

Working Titles: WC (Working Certificate), JH (Junior Hunter)

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Health Clearances: Hips (Good), Eyes (Clear), EIC (Clear)

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