Many Trailrunners dogs over the last 25 years have accomplished some astounding things. These are but a few of them.  Our mission statement: "Trailrunners breeds Labradors to make the world  better for humans... "               

Trailrunners Fiery Red Rocket PSD, a $10 million Dog

A $10,000,000 retired Saskatchewan RCMP Narcotics Detection Dog From Trailrunners, passed away on September 29, 2022.

Police Service Dog Red (Regimental # 924) was born on October 11, 2010 at Trailrunners K9 Training in Big River, SK. Red started out training as a hunting dog until the RCMP requested to purchase him in the Fall of 2012. That Fall, Red was partnered with Cst. Jamie Markham (Retired) and they went to the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. After successfully completing the Narcotics Detection Dog Handler Training Course in Innisfail, Red and Cst. Markham were certified as a working team, working with the "F" Division Roving Traffic Unit in Swift Current as well as with the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) in Broadview.

Red had a very successful career in the RCMP, being directly responsible for the seizure of over $10 million dollars in narcotics and Canadian currency. Red undoubtedly saved many lives throughout his career by stopping the flow of contraband from getting into our communities.

Red retired in 2018. Red spent his well deserved retirement with the Markham family, closely guarded by his companion, a German Shepherd named Rhya, that also came from the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre.

We are forever grateful to Red for the work that he did keeping our communities and highways safe.

(Tribute written by an unnamed RCMP member who knew Red and his work well) 

Trailrunners Gracie "Cancer Detecting Dog"

Gracie was born and trained at Trailrunners K9 Training Center, as a cancer detecting dog.  She was highly skilled in detecting cancer in humans, working for a private medical foundation.  Gracie had a long detection career and was loved as a personal companion for a family in Calgary.  Gracie flew many thousands of miles in jets and airplanes, perhaps more than any other dog we have ever heard of.    

This is from her owner... "Gracie enjoyed immensely being a working dog and part of the Cancer Detection program. She became very adapted to life in two homes, and to flying each Monday and Friday. Thank you for providing us with a beautiful soul, our best friend, and our teacher. And thank you for allowing her to live with you in your home. Years after the program ended, people still remarked on how well mannered Gracie was.  I could not have imagined the joy Gracie would bring to us and to our families!"

Trailrunners Sully "Rockstar Cadaver Dog"

Sully was bred at Trailrunners and selected for Calgary City Police department as a detection dog. He left here at 8 weeks old! His mother is Trailrunners Lily Belle.  He solved major crime cases and put serious offenders behind bars!

Sully did essential police work in both Alberta and Saskatchewan and was Western Canada's first Cadaver Detection dog. He worked to find missing person remains and helped solve crimes by finding the evidence (however gruesome) needed. He was in service until 11 years old, due to excellent health. His success rate in "finds" shows the excellence in ability bred into these dogs.  He lived to over 14 after that at Trailrunners,  living with a few other retired labs and living like a king.  He had no illnesses ever, he passed away in his sleep.    

Here are the following links to some articles in CBC News and Calgary Herald.

PSD Jake "Million Dollar Fentanyl Finder" 

Jake is a Halifax RCMP dog provided to them by Trailrunners.  He went off to work in the ship yards searching incoming vessels, and we had not heard any reports beyond his job description, until this news article appeared!

"Police dogs on the front lines of fight against fentanyl" by David Burke · CBC News October 18, 2017

Trailrunners Charlie "World Championship Dock Diving"

Charlie qualified for the Duelling dog world championships in Dubuque in April 2020. These are her photos from the World Championship. Depicted are her Long jump (Big Air) and Speed Swim (Speed Retrieve) events, which are her better skills.

Trailrunners Kai - Prison searching detection dog

Here is a video of Trailrunners KAI who worked for Alberta Corrections. She iwas trained as a drug detection dog. This is her competing in the Canadian Police Canine Association Trials in Calgary Alberta in 2016 using the spectators as search victims! 

Kai Canadian Police Canine Association Trials 2016.mp4

Trailrunners Orion - Conservation officer's dog.

Trailrunners Orion is living, working, and hunting with a Saskatchewan conservation officer! Orion is known for working hard in the field, then coming home and being an amazing family dog!

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