Receiving Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal

Congratulations, Fran Oudshoorn, co-owner of Trailrunners, for receiving her Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee medal in February 2023.  It is for outstanding service in the field of dog breeding and training in Canada,  dogs that have served in various enforcement agencies,  saving lives & solving  crimes, making Canada a safer place to live.  Also of service to society has been the training of cancer detecting dogs, and providing service, therapy, & search and rescue dogs where needed.  The amount of working  Labrador Retriever puppies that have entered the world under Fran's care and gone all over the world is now beyond numbering, yet they continue  enriching the lives of communities, families & outdoors oriented people in many places throughout the globe.  This is why Fran was nominated for and received the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal 

His Honour Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty presenting  Fran Oudshoorn with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal in Prince Albert SK

Fran had the honour of  having RCMP Sgt. Greg Toogood (Also Host of Prairie Pursuit on Wild TV) and RCMP Superintendent Grand St. Germaine, attend the ceremony to stand with her in this accomplishment.

Fran Oudshoorn has been training dogs since a young girl and has an intuitive way with them.  Her loving care and attention to detail for her own and others canines under her training and care, is evident to all who know her.  In addition to much professional work with dogs such as cancer detecting dogs and  providing police and service dogs, Fran with her team at Trailrunners  has helped thousands of dogs over the years,  many that had been written off as untrainable or hopeless cases... bringing them back to health, and excellence in behaviour!  Fran specializes in working with people and teaching them how to keep their "behaviourally transformed dog" as an admired canine citizen.  She has been a registered CKC breeder of working Labrador Retrievers for almost 25 years. Her background is  in education as a  "special education specialist"  as well as school administration.   These skills tie in perfectly with the canine work.   Fran's favourite saying... "I was born with a lab, and I'll die with one "