SaLee & Tenko litter 

Born March 23 2024

                                                                                                 Ready for new homes near the end of May

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Trailrunners Sa Lee WC JH

Sa Lee was a legendary "Trailrunners Lee" pup and carries the same characteristics as Lee did. (See below) Well proportioned with an intense desire to both learn & retrieve.   Sa Lee earned both of her JH and WC Hunt Test Titles.  She is active, motivated, and can rest and relax too.  She is a tall strong female and good goose dog and will produce pups the same. A dog with long legs can get through the scrub carrying a goose where a short legged Labrador Retriever could not do it. True working Labrador Retrievers have longer legs than typical show dogs.   Sa Lee is a chocolate Labrador Retriever, CKC Registered, from 100% working bloodlines.


Trailrunners Tenko WC JH'

Tenko has a terrific nose. His grandfather Cruise was a cancer detection dog from Japan. His name means yellow in Japanese. This same detection drive translates well to hunting up birds in the field.  Yet he can hang out and chill too. His proportions are excellent for hunting and his great temperament means he can spend  lots of  time in the house and be relaxed too.  This is a proper trait of a good working Labrador Retriever.  Shoko Ki is  a yellow Labrador Retriever, CKC Registered, from 100% working bloodlines. He is also a great looking yellow lab.  

Grandfather of the pups, Lee

This (was)  Trailrunners Oakley Breezes By (Lee), Salee's Sire.  He was a puppy off of  Roary.  A big long in the leg strong teddy bear of a dog who loved retrieving geese.  Lee was happy to work for anybody and went on many hunts (a favourite hunting dog to be borrowed) .  He loved to please meaning he was very trainable, as working dogs are bred to be this way.  He was  a chocolate Labrador Retriever, CKC Registered, from 100% working bloodlines.

Sibling of the father, Shoko Ki

This is Trailrunners Shoko Ki, Brother to Tenko,  detection dog working for a Canadian  City Police force as a cadaver detection dog.   Other siblings have become great companions and also superb hunting dogs. Expect more of the same from these pups. Ki is a yellow Labrador Retriever, CKC registered, from 100% working bloodlines. 

Day One! March 24 2024

Newborn black Lab puppy's velvety coat

One week old.   Lovely little Labrador puppies showing off their various shades of yellow.

Born  March 23, 2024

Our eyes and ears are open!

3 weeks old.  Momma is running out of milk.  Time for the new moms to take over!