Lola & Gauge litter 

Born June 21, 2024

                                                                                                 Ready for new homes August 17, 2024

Click underlined for more information about the parents.  Scroll page to see puppy pictures as they grow.

Lola Belle is a small, agile, confident fox red female that loves to retrieve and please. With her very strong endurance, she can retrieve ducks without getting tired out.  She has her Working Certificate and Junior Hunt title and she is working on her Senior Hunt (SH) Title.  She ran 3 out of 4 series of her SH several days before her pups arrived!  She is a true working dog who is now on 'Mat Leave' till weaning time in a few weeks!    

When not taking a break for breeding,  Gauge is a full time working dog who impresses all of the hunting clients with his work ethic, training, skills, stamina, and good looks. He has a hawk eye and a great nose to track down even the missing shot birds over 200 yards away. He's an ethical hunter working with an ethical team, not letting anything go to waste. Trailrunners Gauge works for Aaron Sauer at Venture North Outfitters .  

Born:  June 21, 2024

These 8 puppies are an even split of Mom and Dad! 4 boys and 4 girls, 4 blacks and 4 yellows. 

We just joined you on planet earth. Mom thinks we eat a lot, but she's got lots of milk to go around.

That being said, Mom's gotta nap too!