Current Females

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We do not list the pedigrees of these dogs here.  They will be provided for those who need to know more information

If interested in a Czech Shepherd we would rather talk to you on the phone than anything so call 1(306)469-8009.

Bela was born in Czech Republic and did her competing there.  She moved to Canada to live with Trailrunners, and became the dam of Solo von Trailrunners.  In addition to being a capable and powerful dog she is also the sweetest dog who loves being in the house and hanging out with us.. 

Nova has a  pedigree filled with dogs who have achieved their IP03 level in competition.   One example is her Grand sire,  Bady ze Svobodneho dvora-ZVV1, IPO3, SCHH-A.   Nova's fierce tenacious and vigorous character and ability, not to mention her incredible speed, is a total product of her pedigree.

Solo is the product of a breeding with the incredible SG Fant Z Jirkova Dvora BH, IPO3, ZVV1, IFH2 as the sire and the also incredible Bela z Hudankovy zahrady IPO3, ZVV2, FPr3, BH 2 tř. chovnosti 5VK1/P, KKL                          (See above for Bella)

A young dog from Nova who is a carbon copy of her mother.  Petite fast and powerful. absolutely fearless in any situation.    Picture is as a pup.  She is now over one year old.