Training Mentors

Trailrunners is one of Western Canada’s largest and most successful dog Training Center. We did not get here alone. In fact great dog training comes from years of association with and mentorship from other successful trainers. We honor these by listing some of them below.

Red Wilkinson

Red retired some years ago as the founding editor and owner of Western Sportsman Magazine. Since then he has trained many dogs to the Master and Master National level. Several of them have been Trailrunners bred dogs. Red is a good mentor and teacher.

Fran and Marlene Wilkinson watching Red handle a dog, in Master Hunt at a CKC Hunt Test.

Wayne Nessett 


Wayne has been involved with training Labs and other dogs for many years. He has consistently brought dogs to the Master Hunt level. He is a long time member of the Regina Retriever club. Wayne has made many treks to Big River, and welcomed us in Regina to train.  Wayne was part of Kanata kennels when it was around and has also used his depth of knowledge help us get started,  when we moved to our current location.

Brooks McMullen

Brooks was a friend and mentor way back when we only had one Lab and were learning to train her. He was then training and competing with his own Labs so we had someone to look up to. He was always so willing to share knowledge and friendship. Here he is inspecting progress on an early addition to our current 10,000 square foot training Center. Brooks still has labs and enjoys them very much.

Terry Gollinger

Terry Gollinger 1958 - 2014
Terry as a Canada border guard with k9 partners, learned to train detection dogs, something that he greatly excelled in. He was known for selecting the right dog for the work at hand. He taught us a lot about dog selection and detection dog training, and there was probably no one better at it than he. Sadly we lost him far to early.

John Mestas

Fran first met John Mestas at a chance encounter while the were both training dogs in southern Alberta. He invited her to learn more at his Utah dog training center so Fran went and spent over a month learning hands on. John (and another associate in Nevada where Fran spent more time,) are among the most successful "problem dog" rehabilitators in the USA (aggression, anxiety, extreme hyperactivity etc.)

Yuji Satoh

Cancer Detection dog training pioneer , Chiba Japan

We learned to train cancer detecting dogs under Yuji Satoh of Japan. Trailrunners trainers spent time at his training Center in Japan, and Mr. Satoh also spent time with us at Trailrunners working with the Canadian cancer detecting dogs. We also spent time in England learning from the great cancer detection dog trainers at Medical Detection Dogs.

Ray Stevenson

Ray Stevenson was the Breeder of the famous Ebonstars Lean Mac and many others. Trainer of Retrievers since mid 1950's. Ray has worked on staff at Trailrunners helping get dogs ready for hunt tests and sharing his may years of experience, plus great stories.






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