What is a trailrunner?

Mission statement -

“Trailrunners will breed the best working Labrador Retrievers possible,
whose purpose is to serve and benefit mankind”

The Original Trailrunners… Not that many years ago in nearly every indigenous society, certain ones were chosen for their speed, stamina, and integrity, to be a “runner” (with news, message) to another village or tribe, sometimes even a great distance away. The only roads were trails in those days, and so those guys were the original “Trailrunners” In honor of them, we wanted to name our dogs "Trailrunners" Labradors, because a good working dog has those very qualities of speed and stamina, and also because we choose to work with integrity as we breed and train dogs, and work with our clients.

Working Line Labs… A Trailrunners Lab will not want to go lay down after a half a day’s work. Many Labradors today are actually bred to promote the “couch potato” temperament, but not ours! There is only a very small percentage of pure “working line labs” being bred today. Every lab we breed here has “Trailrunners” as part of the registered name and they live up to their name. Please see the testimonials of our “Satisfied Owners”.

Hunt Test Titles… In fact we don’t breed a dog, no matter how great the sire and dam were, unless they have a working title. We run them in hunt tests, and obtain titles such as Junior Hunt, to Master Hunt. We have been developing our breeding lines carefully so that we have as many high quality, proven and titled working dogs as possible in the background of every pup/dog.

“On Off Dogs”… We also have worked to develop dogs that are calm with people, but high energy when they work. This is more than an ideal, it is an actual temperament trait that we have worked to build into every Trailrunners pup. We call these "on off dogs". In size Trailrunners labs are "medium”.

Black, Yellow, Chocolate, Fox Red… We breed all colors including Fox Red. In addition to being uniquely beautiful, our Fox Reds have great pedigrees and proven working abilities, exactly as we uphold for all of our dogs. We do not recommend or breed “silver” or “charcoal” Labs.

Healthy beyond skin deep… Health wise, all dogs are certified good or excellent in hips/elbows (OFA) and eyes are cleared (CERF). We feed 100% raw WHOLE diet (nature's way) for longevity and superb disease resistance. Moms produce healthier pups and pups are calmer when mom eats this food. We have tried many high end (cooked, dry)dog foods and none compare. Allergies disappear, teeth are clean, and "cleanup" is minimized. Dogs are virtually cancer proof.

The pups as well… start their lives after being weaned on raw food. The pups are born and raised in our home and go to new homes already very accustomed to human interaction. They are paper trained, along with immunization/de-worming, CKC regd. and tattooed and more.

Cancer Detecting Dogs… Trailrunners is home to Canada’s first team of Cancer Detecting Labradors, We have 5 dogs that work daily in screening cancer patients (using samples that are sent in, the patients do not come in person) We are seeing the dogs do amazing work in this field. it certainly fits our mission statement, “Trailrunners will breed the best working Labrador Retrievers possible, whose purpose is to serve and benefit mankind”

Chris and Fran Oudshoorn are full time managers and trainers, and including our 2 teens we have 6 other staff to help with the duties of cleaning, feeding, ”scooping” and letting the dogs in and out of yards. If you are interested in any of our Labrador trained adults (hunting, detection, companion, therapy dogs) or pups, please remember that we screen every inquiry/home for every dog/ pup we sell, and also evaluate each pup to go to the home best suited.

Please contact Chris or Fran in person, 1 306 469 8009 - 1 888 939 8009, or info@trailrunners.ca

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We train ALL BREEDS for all issues including aggression, anxiety, "hyperness", and general disobedience.

Your dog gets expert training, and once the training is complete, we then teach the dog owner how to handle their "new" highly trained dog.

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Trailrunners labs are bred to be the best, and will go to the best of homes. So we give them the very best right from the start.

Contact us to discuss becoming an owner of a Trailrunners pup or dog. We take deposits to hold pups.

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