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Here's a site with a lot of key information regarding the source of silver Labs:

Email from Labrador Retriever Club of Canada regarding Silver and Charcoal, Champagne, (& etc.,) Labradors, addressing the seriousness of the issue.

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Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 4:27 PM
Subject: Re: [2014-2017lrcc-executive] Rules Of Eligibility - TIME SENSITIVE [1 Attachment]


Hi Heather


Please see attachment.  Please go to all members.


This is our ONE chance to get the DNA D Locus test as a registration standard and straighten out the Stud Book.  If the D Locus test is made a requirement for registration of parents of a litter and any imports this then shuts out any dilutes. Our Stud Book will be clean within one generation because silver, coal, champagne, marmalade, apricot, orange, or whatever else you have for breakfast etc. are dilute colours going back on Weimeraners. This is so important.  We have to stand united and stress the importance of this testing.

If we can get the Administrator of the Animal Pedigree Act to accept this (and they already require it with certain horses because of a similar problem - so it's not a huge curve for them) then the next step is to lobby the DNA testing laboratories to only accept veterinary verification on specimens to narrow the gap.


This is such a huge chance.




Ed & Margie Miller




Here's a site with a lot of key information regarding the source of silver Labs:




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