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Hi Fran and Chris,

Thought I’d send you some recent pictures of my boys.

Chance, with blue collar. He’s from River and Trigger litter. Born June 1/17.

Midnight with purple collar. He’s from River and Tex litter. Born April19/15

-- Cheryl Browne Muskoka, Ontario


Kipper's Off - from Cor and Willow

"Hi Fran and Chris, Just wanted to give you an update on Kipper (born October 2016 from Cor and Willow) 10 months old.

We cannot imagine our life without Kipper! He has been an amazing family pet – so quick to learn and such a loving member of our family. We are a busy family and he has easily adapted to every challenge we give him. He has stayed in hotels at ringette tournaments (and managed 13 girls who all wanted to play with him!), been to a ski hill and stayed patiently beside me as people skied all around us, learned that when we have company eating he has to stay on his "place" and made friends with everyone he meets (dogs and people). His ability to learn is only limited by our ability to teach him (and we always say "would Fran think we are doing a good job of training him?" – we want to live up to the high bar of behavioral expectations that Trailrunners has.

His love for our kids – and their love for him is wonderful to see. I have included a picture of Kipper waiting patiently for our daughter to wake up in the morning. He sits outside her door first – and when she is awake – he moves to our sons door to wait for him to wake up. Both of our kids need him to "come say good-night" before they go to bed every night. And Kipper happily obliges them.

We spent a week at the lake and having him there with us was a highlight. He quickly adjusted to being on the boat. The only time we have to really watch him is when 1 of the kids falls off their tube or water ski's – he wants to immediately jump in the water with them – we think he is worried about them – as soon as he sees them in the water he begins to whine (which is unusual for him.) He was a huge hit with all the kids at lake – as he would "fetch" and retrieve for everyone – for as long as they wanted – he was really in his element there. We have given him every opportunity to play in water since then – as he just loves it. I've included a picture of the kids playing cards at the cabin - - Kipper needs to be around them – but has such a great "off switch" that he just lays calmly beside them while they play.

I am forwarding a video (on Facebook) from the lake. A favorite activity there was "Kipper races." My husband would through a stick and Kipper and our son Johnny would swim race for it.

Our kids are 13 and 15 – and one of the great things about having Kipper is it is easy to get our teenagers to spend time with us – by asking them to come to the dog park with us. We have had many great walks and conversations while at the dog park. I was originally concerned about the amount of time having a dog might take away from our family – and Kipper has added so much to the time our family has together. He is the perfect family dog – and we couldn't be happier. Thank you to Trailrunners for the work you did to ensure a perfect fit between our dog and our family."

Thank-you, Pamela Goulden-McLeod

Good evening Fran/Chris. Just keeping in touch with you on Laura! She will be 2 in mid-Aug and is doing very well. She continues to amazing us and everyone else with her intellect, and temperament. She is the perfect dog for our family. Thank you so very much again! Hope all is well with you guys. Regards, The Hiebert Family


One year ago today, our lives truly changed for the best. We drove to Trailrunners in Big River Saskatchewan and picked up what initially was a surprise birthday gift for Harvey...and now has truly been the gift that keeps on giving. Our dog Gauge, has been such a ray of light to us during this past very difficult year in Fort McMurray. His unconditional love and crazy and playful antics have provided a therapy to us through the very stressful days and has enriched our most fun and memorable days. Thank you Fran and Chris for breeding the most amazing companion we could ever imagine, and for trusting us to raise and love one of your elite dogs. He is the perfect addition to our family and we are forever grateful to you both.

Jasper joined us almost 7 years ago, and was from one of Jetty's litters.  He is a tall dog, about 26" at the shoulder.  Active, but quiet when he should be, well trained.  He really has been our everything dog, from hunting upland and waterfowl, to hiking, skijoring, and all other outdoor activities.

We will likely contact you again in a few years when we're looking for a puppy.


Jeremy, Teresa & family.

Justin and Kruise Jan. 16 2017

Why does this man look so happy? Justin put his deposit in 4 years ago for a Trailrunners lab, not that it usually takes that long, but circumstances kept it from working out for him. Yesterday was the big day for Justin and Trailrunners Kruise to meet. By the look on Kruise's face he has no idea yet of all the fun and adventures he's going to have!

Fran and Chris.

It has been just about 3 years since we took Clearwater Ember home from Trailrunners. She has been a fantastic addition to our lives and I can't imagine it with out her. She has her three boy cats home she loves, and respects to the point where she would give up her own food and hold back taking her ball back, should they want it - two of her favourite things in the world, food and ball. She has had many cool experiences and grew up for her first 2 years in Fort McMurray - spending much time on the Clearwater River and on boats. She is at home in the water as much as she is in the snow. We have gone through schooling with her and not long ago we took a couple classes of 'nose work' purely for recreational purposes. She did well in that, and we intend on starting up more now that we have moved to Turner Valley Ab. She seems to thrive when we exercise her brain and have learned to balance the physical with the mental exercise. Ember has a very soft easy going personality, sensitive to moods and how people are. Always eager to greet people and other dogs. When she see's other dogs in the park or during a walk, she stands tall and sometimes barks a bit to say, "Hey - I am here!!" then when she gets close to them, she rolls on her back and exposes her belly. Eventually she warms up and they play or if you bring out a ball she is always the fastest dog in the land - not kidding she is infused with nitro when she needs to kick it in. Usually first to get to the ball - but does not get protective over her ball. Just wants you to throw it. She drops it at your feet every time.

We are looking fwd to such a time when she has a little Sister dog to teach the ropes of life to. Some day.

Thank you again for such a wonderful match to our world.

Sean and Cornelia
of Turner Valley Ab. (previously Fort McMurray).

Hi Fran, I wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing very well. She is up to 37 pounds and loves everyone. She has a great time at the off leash park and plays with all the dogs. We took the summer off from obedience to try dock diving and she just loves it. There were no lessons in Edmonton, so we went to the K9 Fun Zone in Caledonia. I've included a snap of her leaving the dock at the competition pool. Thanks again for such a great pup. -- Maureen

Trailrunners Jessie meeting Trailrunners Maddie in 2014

It was really nice to see your place, and I want you and Fran to know we are very grateful for what you do. When I first seen Fran handle her retrievers back in 2011, I never dreamed at the time that I would someday own two of her dogs. Trevor

Malinowski's with their Trailrunners Heidi

Trailrunners Stella - Stella has been doing wonderfully, what a great pup you picked out for us. So far she has been camping for 1.5 months in total this spring, and we're looking forward to a great field season in the bush this summer. We have great plans for hunting in the fall too. These pictures are from our BC trip over the last 1.5 months, so she'd be roughly 4.5-5 months old. Susie & Tyler (Suzie and Tyler work and camp in the bush as Biologists so Stella is having quite a life!)

Just sending you an update on Laura. She is such an amazing dog. She is so gentle with our young boys as well as any other children she meets. She loves to play fetch, and she often puts on the show in our neighborhood by retrieving the ball for each and every child. She is patient, smart, and extremely gentle. We have ran into a few strangers in the Calgary area who have asked us if she was a Trailrunners lab, as they recognize her facial features (I thought that was neat). You guys definitely have an extremely positive reputation, so keep up the great work!

Hello Chris and Fran

We have one of Gideon and Brit's puppies from July 25, 2009. Trailrunners Dawson is almost 7 and he has been an energizer bunny since we got him. He has an off switch, thankfully. Thought you might like to see some pictures of him as an adult. He is 60lb and full of fun and energy. He and I do a lot of agility and he loves it. His retrieving abilities are fantastic. If I was a bird hunter, he would do very well. He loves!!! to swim. I need to watch him or he'll swim until he drowns and retrieve until he drops. We will be adding to our furry household at some point in the next year or so. I will contact you with my wish list. -- Kathy Ellert, Fort McMurray, AB


My Name is Karen and a few years ago I had the great honour to purchase "BLUE".  My life was so empty and with my husband working away from home for weeks at a time, he was concerned with leaving me alone.

Then one dark night I somehow came across Blue's picture. He was originally trained to work with an Autistic child. When I saw Blue I instantly knew that he was meant to be mine. Having no two legged children, Mother's Day 2013 is a day I will never forget. 

I want you to know that he is everything I could wish a dog to be.  I never wanted to leave the house before, but since he has come into my life we go for long walks daily.  Last February I fell at the dog park and I tore my rotator cuff. I needed to steady myself on him to get up, and he stood still to let me lean against him. I put my scarf around his chest and he helped me back to the vehicle.

Blue is turning 9 in September and when he sees me putting on my jacket or picking up the car keys he is standing by my side waiting to see what is next. At the park people comment on how happy he looks but they don't notice my big smile....he is just smiling back at me!

Sincerely,  Karen & BLUE Saskatoon

Fran, Millie and. Red had Blue and all his siblings 9 years ago today. Many thanks for all the joy we have had with Blue! He's still as handsome as ever and has that black nose!! :)


Trailrunners Colonel with Carrick.

We never thought we'd be able to have another dog in our home (Carrick isn't very friendly). Sure makes a difference when you have amazing people like Fran & Chris that know their puppies and who will fit in with your family. Usually you go to get a pup and the owners say pick the one you like. Should be outlawed - maybe there wouldn't be so many strays and abandoned animals if people actually got the right fit for their needs to begin with.

Good evening Fran. Laura is such an amazing puppy! She is so gentle with our boys and is a perfect match to our young family. She is even very good friends with our cat (Hershey). Thank you so very much for convincing us to wait for her litter. The wait has definitely paid off! Regards -- Sean, Lindsey, Emerson, Hunter, Hershey and Laura

This is Sisko out for our morning walk through the grasslands by our home. Just wanted to let you know that he's been a fantastic addition to our family. He's an amazing companion dog and has a lot of personality.
-- Sharlene and Mark Reynolds

Hi Fran and Chris, I just wanted to send some of latest pics of Jax who we cannot believe is almost 1! He is busy enjoying his summer at the lake and chasing Frisbees. My eldest daughter recently graduated so I thought I would send a new pic of her and her best buddy. He will be going on holidays with us to BC for a few weeks, visiting many lakes and enjoying the outdoors. He has completed our family and we continue to love every minute of watching him grow. -- Dawn & Mike Howe

Dogs for Children - "Anyone looking for the perfect dog to have around any and all children, including those with special needs should check out Trailrunner's labs! Their dogs have an ideal temperament for unpredictability and can be trained to handle any situation. Never reactive and eager to learn whatever you can dream up as important in your life. Life is better with a well bred and trained lab! Love our Trailrunner Lab Bella, Happy owners, -- Cryderman's" >> View the Video on Trailrunners Facebook page

Rang with family Rang on boat

Hi Fran,

Rang is still doing great!  His favourite things are still swimming in the lake and boating, and of course Squeaky toys! hahaha! 

I have attached our latest family photo along with a photo of the three boys after a long day on the lake!  The joy he still brings our family is unending!  Take care and happy new year to you and your family!

God bless you all in 2015!

Michele, Andy, Mitchell, Thomas and Rang

Trailrunners Angus and little Sophie. Best dogs ever.
Perfect on a leash, perfect retrievers, perfect companions
for my special needs son. Happy new year guys!   Chas Wyatt

Hello. This is an update of Schultzy from Brit and Roary pups from 2011. Schultzy loves people, and is a huge love bug, loves butt scratches,loves  the lake, is a strong amazing swimmer, can retrieve Ducks. He is defiantly a heart throb! He is spoiled with love and toys and treats!  and is Tyrell's best friend.  -- Brooklyn H.

Hi Fran,
I just wanted to give you an update on Jax. He is doing great and adjusting to our home very well.
He is the most loved and loveable dog ever.

We are truly enjoying him and watching him grow. He is just a beautiful dog inside and out.

Thanks once again for everything!

The Howe family

Hi Fran and Chris,

Just sending an update on Lily. She has been home for a month now and is doing very well after her training at Trailrunners. She is our same happy and loving dog but with much better manners,  and "listening ears".  We can take her places and not worry about her running away or knocking people over in excitement.   I am attaching a couple pics,  once of her sitting on her "place" at the office,  one of Lily waiting for permission to swim,  and one of Lily and Finley (the best of friends).  She loved her Trailrunners bandana so much that she chewed a little piece off :).

Thanks for all of your help from the Hudye Family.

Christina Rosowsky-Hudye
Rosowsky Law

Hello Chris & Fran:

We thought we would let you know how Cooper is doing.  He is now 6 months old and we can't believe how much he has grown. He has adjusted well to his new home and slept through the night in his crate right from the start.  He spends most of his time at the cottage on Shebandowan Lake and loves his freedom to roam on our property. His sister Reba lives just down from us and he enjoys their get togethers. But his daily companion is our son's three year old lab Blaze.  They are together and inseparable! Cooper is loved by everyone he meets and is complimented on his good looks which I believe comes from his father Roary.  He went bird hunting and was very proud of his first retrieval! In time I think he will be an indispensable hunting partner. He is a great addition to our family, and we are so glad that we chose Trailrunners as our breeder.

Thanks Again,  Len, Christine & Cooper

Trailrunners Abbey, lives in Fort McMurray Alberta

Abbey is doing great. We are seeing positive changes daily now.. (from that crazy puppy tornado to a dog who is thinking a little more as to what she is doing). Her nose. My goodness, her nose. What a nose it is. She is a wonderful little personality, or rather big personality. She is growing like a well-watered weed.. One day she is a puppy, the next she is starting to turn into a 'dog' looking animal.. its great to watch. She is very social and seems to love cats, dogs, people, birds, and I will assume mosquitos when they are out.. Her disposition seems to be very balanced, she just is able to play with other dogs and read how they want to play.. she can amp it up, or turn it down depending.. cant remember the last time we had any accidents in the house. She goes into her crate and you don't hear from her again until 7:36am.. or so. lol.

Trailruners Bella lives on Vancouver Island

Hi Chris and Fran,

We just wanted to send you an update on Bella. She is just the best dog! She and our son are like siblings – they love each other so much and Bella just accepts it when her “brother” pesters her. She is truly patient, gentle, and loving. She also loves to run in the trails (how appropriate!) with her fast daddy and she even occasionally accepts a slower run with mom. J Her favourite runs are when we team up with some friends and make a “pack” for her to run with – she absolutely loves it! Her fetching abilities are simply amazing, her drive to work at running and fetching are excellent! The best thing about her though is her personality: joyful. She loves all people regardless of age or size and she is very aware that children are special. She is able to walk with a loose leash easily, especially when our six-year-old is holding the leash. She is also stellar off-leash and is often the envy of other dog owners due to her obedience and manners. You were right, she does indeed have an on-off switch; she knows when it is go-time and when to simply be calm. Trailrunners Bella is truly a wonderful, remarkable dog. We love her to bits and she is a precious member of our family. I would wholeheartedly recommend your labs to anyone. We cannot thank you, Willow, and Roary enough! J

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Danielle, Mark, and Blake

Hi Fran and Family!
Just wanted to update you on how wonderful it is to have Bruno a part of our family. He is sooo different from Apollo. He is very quiet (except when he wants to have Apollo's bone when he is done his) and has lower energy than his brother. He enjoys just lazying around with us when we want to relax or play hard when we are ready to go. We enjoy every minute with this sweet natured guy. Thank you very much to the awesome lab breeders for once again a truly excellent dog.







Hey Fran & Chris,

Jack is more of a dog than I could have imagined. He is as focused as a young male puppy can be. Obedience training is going smoothly and quicker than I thought it would. He is impressive! We get nothing but compliments on his looks and demeanour! Early hunting training is going very well, Jack fetches fun bumpers on routine and he now waits for a release command. We've begun scent training too and he is constantly using his nose. He's now almost 5.5 months and is just over 40 lbs. Thank-you again for everything. -- Cody Savard


Good Morning Chris and Fran,

I thought I would send a quick note to our great Labrador Breeders.

Blue is 7 years old today. Here is a recent photo taken with his best friend, Fin.

He is such a wonderful friend. Thank you!








Hey Fran, just an update on Angus. What an amazing addition to our family. He is well mannered and very obedient. I have taken him bird hunting several times and he is one of the best bird dogs I have ever seen. Nolan just loves him he is the best energy for our family. Nolan and Angus both hang out all the time, Nolan gets a face wash everyday in the morning from his buddy. Thank you for this joy. We would like to add another one of your pups to our family. We would like a mild tempered chocolate female. Please let me know if you have any available. Take care, talk soon.
-- Chas








Fran, Just to let you know Rusty is just awesome. He has adjusted without any problems. Our Morkie sleeps in a kennel so I faced them towards each other at night in their own kennels and he hasn't made a sound.

Even being a puppy he hasn't chewed anything in our house, not that he hasn't tried but he knows what no means and stops instantly!
His temperament is amazing, and listens beyond his years! Very intelligent little guy, going to be one of the easiest boy's I've seen to train!

Congrats to you and your team! You will hear from us again there is no doubt! Thank you. -- Lanett



Thanks for such an awesome dog
Hi Fran & Family,
Just wanted to let you know how Bailey is doing and share some photos of her. She is doing awesome, she is so agile and smart, she learns fast and is a great companion for the family. She is such a good traveller and loves to go wherever we go. She's made two road trips to Phoenix, flew to Phoenix twice, been to the Big Muddy Badlands and many other interesting places. Oh, and she takes GREAT photos.
Thanks for such an awesome dog.
Karen, Greg, Shelby, and Lexi Pflanzner






Trailrunners BellaTrailrunners Bella is a fox red puppy who now lives on “the island” in BC.

Hi there, We received the CKC papers, thank you very much. Bella was spayed last week so is quite bored right now with limited walks allowed, but she is recovering well. she loves everything and everyone so much that she is very outwardly focussed. She’s been in one puppy class, she did quite well as the youngest in the class J. Hope you all are well!

-- Cheers, Danielle




Happy Birthday Trigger!
Hard to believe that we have almost had trigger for a year already! Today was his first birthday.

Very cold out but he got to play sticks with his best friend remi, got an extra handful of kibble as we sang him happy birthday and got a new ball that he got to play fetch with in the back yard. He has played with his ball all evening so far, an has asked to go outside about 5 times already so he could play with it. What a big day... He will sleep good tonight!



Hi Fran here is Angus again. We had the most wonderful Christmas in a long time. Angus was perfect with a houseful of strangers and other dogs who came to visit. Our favorite time is when we walk through the woods off leash. When he's on leash he walks like a champ too. I am most impressed with him as he grows and learns. He is very smart and wants to please. I wish you a merry Christmas to you an you whole family and talk to you in the new year.







Merry Christmas to the Oudshoorn family! Thought I should send you an updated photo of our two beautiful girls, Kahlua and Tikka. They are best of friends and take good care of each other and us. Kahlua is still full of vinegar and as you can see, our Tikka has grown into a sleek, beautiful two year old. They both bring us so much enjoyment and we are all looking forward to our first ice fishing trip of the year.

Love from Cal, Cheryl, Kahlua and Tikka.


Merry Christmas Fran to you and your family. We are having such a joyous holiday season, especially this year, with our beautiful dog Apollo. Bev, John, and Ramo are enjoying being here too. Apollo continues to bring us such happiness and hopefully us for him as well. We have "the big guy" Roscoe home with us again now, he is getting older and I want him close by.

Jennie, Chris, and Apollo.

Rocky Hey Fran And Chris, Rocky is doing well and getting bigger I attached a photo in here, hope you guys get it, I also was wondering about sending him back for hunting training to you guys, I know we briefly talked at the trade show and I was wondering when to send him and availability and what not, I still keep him on raw diet that you suggested, anyways take care thanks again for everything and all the help, let me know when you guys have time about training or anything else you need to let me know about.. thanks again take care -- Brandin Walker






Here is Trailrunners Pils at home in the USA watching over his 2 princesses with the help of a friend.

Nitro is a Trailrunners pup that went to Doug Steel I October 2012. Doug already has a certified Search and Rescue dog, "Trailrunners Nikita". Nikita is the one if you have ever seen us at the Edmonton Sportsman show, who is enthusiastically greeting visitors at the booth with her service dog vest on." This is from Doug after Nitro arrived at the Edmonton airport... "Well he is settling in great and a great looking guy... very quiet and only cried for a few min last night. Nikita is like a mom and keeping him worn down so lots of naps. I can't thank you guys enough as he looks like another great Trailrunners dog thanks guys. I will keep you posted w



ith him and photos I'm looking forward to the new acreage where I can work them both daily again thank you guys. Doug and Marilyn

This is a picture of “Trailrunners Blue” and her owner Donna from Calgary. A little while ago Donna had the opportunity to help socialize “Trailrunners Annie” (who is Blue’s little cousin) by caring for her for the weekend. They also took some great pictures together!






This is James Harvey with his puppy “Trailrunners Lexie” at the Saskatoon airport, getting ready to head to her new home in Nova Scotia. Here is a note we later received from them:

“Hi Chris & Fran, just a short note to update you on Lexie, first of all she is adorable ,and so intelligent, loves to travel in the car , she slept all the way from Halifax. She is so smart i cant believe it, but that is because of her strong and healthy blood line i suppose. she is the star attraction where ever she goes, she is very cautious when someone visits, she wont go to them , she lies behind Jimmy, or myself and peaks out from behind our legs like a shy little kid , or she lays by our feet the whole time . She sits for her meals and her treats, it will be a week tomorrow and i am seeing progress with every day. she meets her Vet on Monday afternoon for her next needle, will send you an update again soon, oh yes she adores our older Lab Buddy. last night she fell asleep behind him and put her head on his hip.”-- Linda Harvey, Nova Scotia



Here is Charlotte with her best friend Pils!
(Pils is a Trailrunners lab that lives in Maryland USA)











Hi Fran its been a while since I picked up Angus from your home. Just a quick update, he is the best dog I have ever owned, he is quiet, he listens very well, and fully house trained. My son loves him too when they are together , Angus licks and nolan smiles. We have kept to our raw food diet and it seems to be working well with the oragien food mixed in. He has been the best edition to our family and I am glad I met you. Take care. -- Chas Waitt





Here is Pils enjoying a beautiful autumn day. He looks so happy, and he and Pedey are best buds.

Pils has been magnificent with the twin girls. On Sunday we had a party for their second birthday with about two dozen people, half of which were children. He was so calm and well-behaved while they all petted him and gave him kisses.

I've been working him out daily to keep him in game shape. The duck season hasn't really gotten under way (although there is an early wood duck season going on), but once the cold air comes down, I hope to be out there with him often.

-- Patrick Rothwell




Ian and his new Fox red Trailrunners lab pup, saying goodbye to Lily Belle, the pups mom. 'Bye mom, I am off to live in Edmonton!'






Here is Trailrunners Rue, approximately one year old now,
she lives in Fort McMurray Alberta.

Update: Sadly Rue had an accident and passed away suddenly in Dec 2013






Just wanted to let you know that Tucker is doing great! We have received so many compliments on how well behaved he is. Thank you so much for everything!! Hope all is well with you guys.

-- Nacole and Kyle





“Trailrunners Backcountry Jake” of the Willow and Roary litter, went to his new home in Manitoba on Tuesday Sept 11 . We just heard from his new owners and got a picture.


“Hello Chris and Fran,

Here's a couple of photos from Jake's first trip out to his backcountry cottage. Enjoy! Jake has adjusted well to his new home and lifestyle.

Katherine and Peter”





Hunter is a Trailrunners dog who now lives in BC. Jamie just emailed us with this picture and said...

"Have a look at Trailrunners Hunter. He is still in great shape and man can he go. This was a leisure day on our boat in the ocean. We are working him up so he can stay out there with us...."






Hello Oudshoorn Family,

I was sitting here thinking how much our family loves Rang and can't imagine our lives without him. So I thought I would send you a few pictures and say hello!

Summer is such a blast with Rang at the lake, he has a great time! When we are at the beach he gets unsettled when he can’t see them, or if they are out too far in the water, we swims out to them almost like he is checking on them and then comes back. The boys love him and I know he loves the boys.

He loves going in the boat and is very well behaved! We get so many compliments on how well behaved he is and how good looking he is! He does lots of hiking and biking with us along with some much loved water time! We truly love him to bits! Thanks to you, we have a dog who most people only dream of having! He is the perfect family pet!

Take care,

Michele, Andy, Mitchell, Thomas & Kiesman

Trailrunners Blue -

Fran and Chris,

We just got back from a holiday in Jasper. Lots of hiking and swimming for Mr. Blue.

He is definitely living the dream!








Hudson is a Trailrunners Grand puppy out of Maggie, who now lives in Calgary. He was at Trailrunners for training this spring/summer. Here is a picture and a short message we got from his owner.

"Hudson is doing great, see attached. Thanks!"
-- Brandon Hindbo




Trailrunners Oakley

Hi Fran, Oakley is very loving and gentle. Eager to please. His training this far has gone well. Walks on lead by my knee with no pull and sits at every crossing till he hears the command lets go. He is off leash trained as well. He also is great will his recall. He is able to sit in place were there are other people and children and dogs ect until he is given the command free or ok. Thought you would like to hear how he was doing I will send you an updated pic. Hope you and your family are Doing well -- Kim Engel


Hello Fran and Chris
I was just talking to a co-worker about how impressed I am with our boy, "Kodie".
He is everything you promised him to be.... He is gentle, intelligent and very calm which is exactly what our family asked for. We talk everyday about how well trained and how well-mannered he is. We would recommend you to all our family and friends in an instant!!I just wanted to tell you we are very happy we chose Trailrunners and also we went through your training.
Thanks again Susan





Here is what we heard from someone who bought a Trailrunners Lab pup recently...

It speaks of the pre training and socializing we do with each pup before they go to new homes.

"Trailrunners Remi and her girl", Melfort SK

"Trailrunners Remi and her girl", Melfort SK.

"Trailrunners "Rue" is doing extremely well in her new home. When we picked her up back when she was a little ball of brown fur and puppy energy we could not have known the amazing dog she'd grow into. She is only 7 months old now so still has a some growing to do. One thing I can say has to be the best part is that at least once a day she makes us laugh until we start tearing up. She has been a dream while training and working her focus. She has no fear of new things no matter what it is. She loves other dogs and loves cats - as she lives with 3 cats. Its hard to imagine my day with out her because since we brought her home she has spent nearly every day at my side at work and in my truck, or in the boat - being a true companion. I am so glad that we chose to wait for the right pup from Trailrunners - it was well worth the wait. Rue has taught me a lot about myself and made me take notice of my mood or effects that my day has had on me - as she mirrors me and yet manages to always make me stop and notice her. Always a positive energy she is hard to ignore. Ball drive like no other dog I have ever had and dedication to the "search" word! Fran and her family are so in tune with their animals and people around them and are doing so much for the good in our world. We are able to go out for a walk or ball play or search play and then chill in the yard or living room with very little fuss - her ON/OFF switch is wired perfectly.. though it helps that she gets out every day for some good exercise. I'd suggest anyone who is looking to bring a dog into their family to go visit Fran and Chris and take the time to see their fantastic facility."

Sean & Cornelia of Fort McMurray.

Hi Fran and Chris,

Just a short note to let you know how much we continue to love Happy. She is our dream dog for our family and a best friend to both my little girls.

I wanted to let you know that if you have another pup in the next couple years who doesn't appear to make the requirements for a working dog we would be open to a pup. Happy is still very young at heart but our thoughts are that at some point in the next few years we should start looking for another pup, JUST like her if possible! We love the fact that she is small, ,means that she always gets to go everywhere with us and her personality fits our family perfectly. -- Sorine

Hello Fran,

Kahlua had a very successful trip home. We had to stop a couple a places in order to buy a newspaper so she would relieve herself as she was quite offended by the cold and the snow. Once we laid the newspaper down in the snow, she new exactly what to do. After that, we had no issues. We pulled off on a side road at one point where she went into some deeper grass to "do her business".

She seemed to really enjoy the truck ride and would go from the comfort of my warm body to the security of her new kennel. We had the door off so she could freely go in and out of the kennel onto the consol, where she spent much of the trip. She truly is the pup with no fear and did the whole trip with such confidence. She didn't once get sick or have any "accidents" in the truck.

Kahlua is such a joy to have around. She has adjusted very well to her new home. She was up a couple of times the first night to go out to pee but settled right in again and has slept through the night every night since. She has a lot of energy and is full of vinegar when she is awake but also lets us know when it is cuddle time. She also has no issue with her kennel and is quite happy to settle in for a nap or down for the night.

Fran, you and your family did wonders with this little pup and we are thrilled to have a Trailrunners Lab. She is so alert and smart and so confident! Everyone that meets her loves her immediately. She seems to be growing already, and I've posted a couple of pictures for Phoebe as I am sure she misses this little brown pup. I will keep you updated on her progress. Thank you for giving her up to us. Cal & Cheryl

Trailrunners Burton, son of Maggie and Cob
Burton - "Search and Rescue dog"

" We are extremely happy with Burton. Everyone that meets him says he his a good looking dog and well behaved. By the age of three months he mastered his basic obedience and we have been tracking with him now. He has completed 27 tracks and we are increasing the length of the track and the age. Burton also has enjoyed a couple of hikes this summer- he has made it up to two summits around 7000ft each. We are extremely pleased with your Trailrunner Lab. He is growing like a weed (building muscle) and getting smarter everyday. He does not get into many things that he is not supposed too. Gordon, Lethbridge, AB

Trailrunners Shadow Dancer Son of Amo

"Fran, we went fishing out on Vancouver Island. I taught dancer to "get busy" (go to the bathroom) on the back grid of the boat which is behind and below him in this photo, The guide had never seen a dog do that, they always have to get rowed to shore. He spent 10 hours one day and 11 another. We caught Halibut, spring salmon and sockeyes. He was awesome when the fish were flopping around. The halibuts really put up a fighting flop. Puppy class goes well, he is way ahead of the others, I am proud of us for all our work."


Here is Dancer and I with his first ribbon. His first introduction to Hunt trials went well. Gun fire, holding blinds, steadiness, retrieving ducks to me and honoring the next dog. Very impressive as he is only 4 and a half months. Now at 5 months we were doing double retrieves. One in the water and on on land, over a small embankment with tall grass and prickly thistles. He won't stop until he finds the duck or the bumpers. I switched doing water first, return and then Land and vice-versa. You could hear the cheers from myself all over the area. What a dog Dancer is, thanks for the awesome pup." Letitia Salt Spring Island BC



Trailrunners Lendin an Ear - Rory - Son of Maggie and Mr. Ed

Thank you so much for Rory! He turned out better than I could have ever hoped for!

He's grown up into the nicest dog! We passed our CGN (Canine Good Neigbour) in June...right after Rory was Best Dog at our Wedding. We did some Hunt Retriever training this Spring and he took to it right away. I ran out of time, much to Rory's disappointment. We're orientating at Alberta Hospital right now to start volunteering with the Animal Assisted Therapy program. November 1st we're starting Agility. And if we get enough snow this winter I really would like to try skijoring with him.

He has the best personality! He doesn't know how to quit on any task you give him. In the house though he's been named Snuggle-Pup-icus. He's great with people from babies of 5 months to my grandma who will be turning 94 in December! His best friend is a 6lb Yorkie and he loves the giant "dogs" - Horses too! He's great out on the ranch and he's helping me train my new horse too!

He's Russ' favourite fishing buddy! He has so much fun in the boat. He's gotten many compliments on his water entry as well ...whether flying off the dock or jumping off the beach....he's in with all four paws just-a swimming for whatever he's retrieving. He's learning to sit nice and still and not scare the fish when we're out fly fishing...the other fishermen are so surprised, especially when we tell them he's not even 2!!

so thank you again,

Cheryl - Edmonton AB

Tidex T Runners Chocolat Chaud

"Chocolat Chaud" - sold as an adult trained dog

"Just wanted to let you know how Chaud is doing. Chaud is doing just great,he is a great companion dog, the kids in our campground just love him. He really loves the water. People are always asking if we are breeding him because they say he is so loving and gentle." Krista and Ralph, Calgary Alberta











Trailrunners Sargent Pepper Son of Jetty and Bo

Hello Fran and Chris.
Your little man had his first adventure yesterday. I hope the pictures tell the story. He is a very tractable pup and seems to have settled in. He does have a mind of his own and is keeping us busy! We would like you both to know how pleased we are! He is coming to the whistle today!
Ron and Carol Prince Albert SK

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