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At Trailrunners we feed our own dogs and cats whole raw pet food, which includes raw meats, organ meats, raw fruits and vegetables, pulverized fresh bone and marrow, Whole fish, in addition to various health-enhancing supplements. This has to be done right with proper hygiene, it is not something to do experimentally without study.

Why do we feed this way? In nature the canine and feline creatures in the wild eat not only the meat of the animals they get, but also the semi- digested fruit and vegetables that their "kill" had eaten. This makes them not "carnivores," but in fact "omnivores".

For optimum heath many experts and pet-lovers alike have discovered that the COMPLETE raw pet diet is what animals thrive on, as well as LOVE to eat.

The diet of whole raw food eliminates bad pet breath, and drastically reduces odor and volume in their feces as well. Their teeth stay clean and white and coats are very nice. Even kitty litter boxes become virtually odor free, just ask our kids who have had cats in their rooms for some time and have enjoyed the air quality much more since they made the switch to raw food! Their cats are noticeably calmer and more amiable.

Benefits (OF A PROPERLY BALANCED RAW DIET) include lose unwanted fat, gain increased muscle mass, tartar will disappear on teeth, many skin problems will disappear, infected ears clear up, anal sack problems disappear, greater mobility, arthritis often disappears or is reduced, reproductive problems clear up, increased fertility and milk production, insulin balances again, Nomalizing effect on bone growth in young dogs, calmer and more easily trained dogs, dogs are less prone to erratic and unpredictible beaviour. Pets eating the Raw diet tend to live longer than their kibble fed counterparts, and are less likely to develop cancer or any of the other degenerative diseases which plague modern pets. The "BARF" diet (This diet is sometimes called the Bones And Raw Food Diet) has had major success with remissions of many tumors.

We have seen this diet reverse both minor and major health ailments in ours and client's dogs. However, the greatest reason we promote and feed this diet is that we are concerned about our pet's and Trailrunners working dogs' LONG TERM health and LONGEVITY, and the GENETIC POOL that they will pass on into their FUTURE GENERATIONS as well. We want the health benefits to be passed into the pups we sell and hope that future owners of Trailrunners pups and dogs will continue in raw whole food feeding. We can recommend sources and supppliers of this type of food.

If you board your dog with us, or are sending it for a stay at the Pet Resort you can request this diet as well, or you can bring your dog's preferred food for it to eat on its stay. We also can provide ORIJEN kibble For the convenience of kibble, or for travelling, the only food which we have found that comes close to the so called BARF diet, is ORIJEN. Pet owners we know are having similar positive healing results with this food as with the BARF Diet. ORIJEN is made in Northern Alberta using all whole fresh ingredients, and not grain or potentially harmful chemicals, or remanufactured (man made) vitamins and minerals. It is the only pet food company that we know of that INVITES the resellers (like us, Trailrunners) of their products to tour the plant and see it all, something that 99% of pet food companies would dread to have happen! to find out why they wouldn't, click below...

Our Raw Dog Food is made to closely mimic the diet of wild carnivores, as they eat raw whole animal food and they supplement with fruits and other plants.  Dogs have a very robust and accommodating internal system for handling raw uncooked foods, and possible bacteria. So with some precautions for human safety, as described below, we believe it is the best option for dogs.

We make our food from range fed cattle that are fresh and healthy, from farmers we personally know.  Some butcher scraps from a certified government regulated butcher shop are added, to ensure adequate fat levels in the food.  Vegetables and sometimes fruit is added to enhance nutrients and digestibility.   The food also includes the crushed and pulverized bones and marrow and some of the organs of the animal. Therefore it smells and looks differently than regular meat.  Diatomaceous earth is added for extra minerals and for its ability to reduce or eliminate internal parasites.

It is raw so it can have bacteria like any other meat.  It is not government inspected meat therefore never for human consumption. If you purchase and use any type of raw dog food,  don’t store it in the freezer where someone else may grab a patty and throw it on the BBQ!  It should never be placed on surfaces upon which food is prepared for humans.  It should be in sealed containers and only handled with food-safe disposable gloves.

Bowls should be handled with care and washed in separate area from where human’s dishes are washed.  Water when washing dog bowls should have small amount of bleach added as a disinfectant.  So as with any meat handling, there are necessary precautions for humans.  

Our dogs have thrived on the food, with none of our raw food dogs having diseases like cancer, diabetes, they have excellent pain free joints even as they age, strong teeth their entire lives, have great healthy coats, and lots of energy.  They don’t smell bad like dogs often do and they usually have good breath, and live longer.  Stools are easy to clean up.

We also feed with raw to improve the quality and DNA of our Labradors over generations, building a better Labrador breed for the future.  We make our own food and feed it to our dogs for these reasons only and we do not advertise it for sale or sell it commercially.

Feeding raw food consistently for a lifetime is a way to disease proof any dog to a level that is not possible through any known means. Other known ways to improve on the raw diet are to supplement with fresh wheat or barley grass juice or powders, probiotics, a quality fish oil supplement, and colloidal minerals or Fulvic Acid to ensure broad spectrum micro-nutrients. 


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