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Click here for Directions from:Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Lloydminster AB, Fort McMurray AB, and Saskatoon SK

>> Flying to Trailrunners

Our Saskatchewan highways are great but if driving do not trust your GPS or other navigating device. You will possibly get lost as others have.   Technology is not that great yet here. Print these driving directions below, and bring with you. They are tried and true the best routes.

Directions from Lloydminster
This is the fastest way from Lloydminster to Trailrunners. However as you travel,  be wary of following a GPS anywhere around Meadow lake, it often sends folks down gravel roads to get them lost or delay them by hours! Starting at Lloydminster, go straight up at the Boundary Highway # 17 North from Lloyd and turn East/Right to St. Walburg on Highway 3. Just before the town of St. Walburg you will  turn North on the 26, which soon takes a quick right turn in the town.  This again curves to the north,  and in about 45 km’s near Loon Lake, turn west on 304. Take that for a ways, then go north briefly on Highway 4, then turn right heading west again, on Highway 55, (the turn is just past the Kentucky Fried Chicken.) There is little cell service on Highway 55 between Meadow Lake and Big River.  Highway 55 will bring you through the town of Green Lake, where you will have cell service briefly, and can give us a call to let us know when you will arrive (about an hour).  Between Green Lake and Big River there is often a lot of deer, watch for them.  You will go through Big River, staying on the highway, but remember to slow down in town to 50 km/h or you might get a ticket.  Then go another 8 minutes on Highway 55 and you will see a Trailrunners sign to the right, and to your left, a blue building, some flags, and dog fencing.  Drive in, head to the left, and drive up to the blue building.

You will come to the town of Spiritwood and see a Subway Esso on the corner, turn left of Hwy 24 north to Leoville
Drive through the town of Leoville, the road will turn to gravel. Stay on the gravel until you reach a sign that reads Junction 946 ends
Turn onto Hwy 943 towards the town of Big River, until 943 ends
Turn right on 942 towards the town of Big River
Stay on this highway until you come to a Hwy 55 (paved road again)
On the right is a lumber mill, you need to turn LEFT. You will see a lake and a sign that reads TRAILRUNNERS PET RESORT
Turn right off of the highway towards the lake side of the big rock, you will see a sign that says OFFICE
Come on in, you have arrived!

Stay on Hwy 3 heading towards Prince Albert until you reach the town of Shellbrook (not Shell Lake, just keep going past Shell Lake) Turn left at the Subway/Esso in Shellbrook (Great place to stop for the washroom and have a sub, and say Hi to George the owner)
Turn left up that highway. After several kilometers and crossing a small river, you will notice a green road sign that says Green Lake, make a left turn there , Because if you go straight you will end up in the wilds of the Prince Albert National Park / Waskeseiu.

Travel northwest on it for about an hour. You will go through Canwood, Debden, Don't turn off the blacktop, stay on the main Highway the whole way.

After Debden travel another 20 minutes. You will see a big lumber mill on your left hand side. Keep going just over 1 Km. You will know when you have arrived when you see a house with kennels around it, overlooking a small lake . Pull in to the driveway and turn right, towards office.

Please call ahead and let us know approximately when you will be arriving as we may be on adjacent property working dogs.

If you are having any trouble getting here, do not forget to call us at (306)469-8009 or 469-8008

Dog Training Services



We train ALL BREEDS for all issues including aggression, anxiety, "hyperness", and general disobedience.

Your dog gets expert training, and once the training is complete, we then teach the dog owner how to handle their "new" highly trained dog.

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Trailrunners labs are bred to be the best, and will go to the best of homes. So we give them the very best right from the start.

Contact us to discuss becoming an owner of a Trailrunners pup or dog. We take deposits to hold pups.

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