2021-12-25 Glory and Junior

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We are 4 weeks old now. Really into the formula in the bowl - mom has run low!

We are now 3 weeks and opening our eyes, using our legs, AND our voices!

3 week option blues.MOV

Here we are at 3 weeks old. See how we have found our legs... and our voices!

Mom Glory with her 2 week old sleeping beauties. See video below for the awakened beauties!

2 week old video talking.MOV

Here we are at 2 weeks old! Check out the development. We change fast.

I am one week old. Just the sweetest. Happy new year from all seven of us!!!

Or is it 6! Better check and count us!

Oh yes! the hidden sibling has wiggled free from the "pup pile up" and is now in view!

Now check out our cute innocent faces!

We wont always be this innocent!

We love sleeping.

Mr Photographer moving us, had no effect.

More have arrived. A total of 4 males and 3 females. 1 male and 1 female are still available.

Waiting for more.

The first puppy has arrived on Christmas day!

Patiently waiting for the puppies to arrive.

Born December 25, 2021