2021-09-14 Up and Gus

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Now that they're 4 weeks old, they're finding out that they can get food other ways, not just from their Mom!


The puppies are 3 weeks old, and now that their eyes are open, they are extra cute.


They're two weeks old now. The ears that were pinned against their head when they were born are now flopping all around as they squiggle.


Your puppy is 1 week old. See who is “king of the castle”. Look closely at the video. Puppy twitching helps build muscle and firm the connections that will allow puppies to develop motor coordination. Your puppies are all healthy and developing normally.


They've arrived! 2 black females, 2 chocolate males, and 2 chocolate females. Up is all tuckered out, but she's happy for their arrival.

Born September 14, 2021