2021-07-03 Sa Lee and Troubadour EQ728376JN

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Happy puppies, happy owners. On their way to a great life in a new home.

They are starting to peek out over the each of the tub and want to explore the world.


As you can tell by Sa Lee's reaction, they are getting close to 4 weeks old, which is timing for weaning.

Now that their eyes are open, they realize that they have a lot of exploring to do. So they've been using those legs to try and escape.

Testing has begun for Sa Lee's pups. Which one is yours? We still have 2 chocolate males available from this litter.

Puppies can't see or hear when they're first born. They rely on their sense of touch and smell to find Momma's milk.

Giving birth is tiring. Fortunately for Momma, the puppies need to sleep too so they can grow!

Her puppies have arrived! 4 yellows, 3 chocolate, and 1 black. A Neapolitan litter you might say.

Born July 3, 2021

Sa Lee, the daughter of Sadie and Lee is due to have her puppies in the first week of July. She's really looking forward to their arrival, so she doesn't have to carry them around anymore! But she enjoys the extra pets she has been receiving lately. She will have multiple colours, including yellow, fox red, and chocolate puppies.

Sa Lee is pictured here with some of her brothers and sisters. A whole group of them returned to Trailrunners for training at the same time so we used this as a photo op.