2016 Trailrunners Hunting Photos

Below you will see only a fraction of the hunts and Trailrunners dogs who hunted this year... Just of the ones who sent us pictures!

Trailrunners Trigger with the "Trailrunners Steciuks" and friends!


We let the kids warm up their guns and they had a hay day! The dad's still managed to burn off lots of shells and ended up with an amazing first hunt! Trigger thought it was Christmas-saw the guns, saw the collar, he saw the camo and boots come out and he knew this was the real deal. He was very tuckered after goose #20 as our shooting skills saw some runners! What a great day with mother nature, the kids and mans best friend. Cant wait to go again already!!

Trailrunners Colonel of Corn WC JH

Good day Fran, Our family has made it's last move from Prince Rupert to Campbell River where we have retired. Here are a couple of pictures from Hunter's last hunting trip in Beaverlodge, Ab. Sept 2016. He is still in great shape and his drive for hunting is out of this world. Almost 8 now he is starting to turn white in his face but that doesn't slow him down one bit. He is my best friend, companion, and an awesome hunting partner. Take care. Jamie & Anne

Trailrunners Trigger helped Retrieve 80!


Colton, Randy, Todd, and friend

Got our limit of 80 on the nose this morning. Foggy rainy and birds just came in perfect! Got some video of holding phone in one hand videoing and gun in other. Got two birds! Shot 79 to be safe and as cleaning up a single came and colt sealed the deal in #80. Time to go clean and get the smoker ready for jerky!

Trailrunner cousins Breeze and Remi, brothers Randy and Ricky Steciuk.

Well a great first pheasant hunt for 2016! Brothers Randy and Rick Steciuk and cousins Trailrunners Remi and Trailrunners Breeze endured some harsh conditions of rain and wind ending the afternoon with a successful hunt after the hunters missed some easy shots! The dogs did their job, but the hunters forgot how fast these wiley old birds are, especially in the wind! The drive, stamina, and natural skill these two dogs showed was amazing. Reminis 7 and Breeze is not quite a year old, and the duo made an excellent team, getting the handlers a pheasant limit! A great day, with great company, and great dogs - thanks for your awesome breeding Fran and Chris!

Trailrunners Ruby very first bird!

Hey Fran. She is growing like a weed, bossy as ever, and we love her. This is her first partridge. It took everything she had to stay still and not eat that bird. Thanks again. Cal Macfarlane.

Trailrunners Heritage Drake

Hi Fran. All I can say... God bless you. 2 day hunt Jon and I 74 birds - snows, speckles and ducks! Drake wouldn't stop. 4 down at a time and he just kept going back. slept good in between.

Saturday we had 6 to 7 thousand birds in the air, so we were both vibrating. What a joy to hunt with a dog that goes from water to the field and will out hunt me.

Thank you so I very much for an amazing hunting partner -- Derek

Trailrunners Tikka

Tikka has been lighting it up this season. Although today was her biggest challenge having to break through patches of thin ice at times but she prevailed and made all 22 retrieves including multiple, double and triple retrieves -- Nick Oomen Cold Lake AB

Trailrunner cousins Breeze and Remi, brothers Randy and Ricky Steciuk, and son.


Morning greeted us with a sheet of fog so thick that we debated making the 5 am drive south, but our young spotter was up and ready, as were the excited dogs!

The dogs got on to scent early in the morning and before we knew it two wiley roosters flushed and a double was down! Spirits were high, but the celebration was early as the next 4 roosters eluded us with tails flapping and spent shells littered the ground as the smoke from our barrels joined the fog....

The dogs didn't seem to mind as they had more chances to enjoy what they were bred to do and at the same time a chance to please their handlers! Before we knew it our young spotter put us on some new birds and Trailrunner cousins Breeze and Remi had the last of the two birds needed flying into the air at the same time! A barrage of shots from brothers Ricky and Randy Steciuk saw two birds drop to the ground and retrieved by their loyal companions! 3 and 3 - amazing! Another limit... and by 10 am...on a day that the crew was only able to hunt to noon.

Great memories for all, especially the father son duo and their new Trailrunners pup who flushed and retrieved like a champ!

Trailrunners Jessie

Jessie practicing for the hunt. It was really nice to see your place, and I want you and Fran to know we are very grateful for what you do. When I first seen Fran handle her retrievers back in 2011, I never dreamed at the time that I would someday own two of her dogs. -- Trevor

Trailrunners Trigger and Remi do it again! With the help of Randy and Carlie!

What better hunting outing is there than a father-daughter & dogs hunting trip! The one day hunt proved successful, with Trailrunners Trigger and Remi making some amazing flushes and fantastic high speed retrieves, including an awesome 37 bar Rooster!!!

Casey Critch and his Trailrunners Lab after a fall 2016 hunt

Trailrunners Meadow with Fran on a snow goose hunt

Carly with her Trailrunners Trigger

This was our sponsorship ad for the National Field Trial, which was in Saskatoon this year. AND it was a picture of Carly hunting with Trigger this fall.

Randy and Trailrunners Trigger



51 flakes came tumbling down! Trigger did an awesome job today. One beautiful long blind with commands, and lots of long marks! Birds cam in great and then when we moved some they started landing away from us He held awesome today!

Pete Brown with Trailrunners Colonel

Some of what you get to see while you are waiting for the birds!

Trailrunners Colonel, and Trailrunners Lee,

They are in their blinds, with some of their snow geese they retrieved. Thanks Peter MacInnis for setting up this hunt! And for shooting the birds with Pete Brown.

More of what you get to see waiting for the birds!

Trailrunners Randy and Trailrunners Trigger

Todd and boys with Randy and Trigger. Teaching the boys to hunt!

Hunt #2 is in the books. Tough slugging finding birds. They are in real small groups but still managed to get 15 this morning. 3 guns and we let the young fella shoot first so was a great day for all.

Trailrunners Heritage Drake on a hunt with Derek and Jon

Trailrunners Drake and Troubadour

With Colin, Angela, and Peter after retrieving some nice ducks

Hunting the Living skies

Trailrunners Trigger and Trailrunners Remi

These dogs are a team! Remi is small. Remi hunts up the pheasants going low under all the brush. Trigger stands back and watches for the bird to flush and fall, then he gets it.

David Edwards and friends with his Trailrunners Sage.



Trailrunners Lee, Fran, Meadow, Randy, Trigger

Some friends and Colton, Trigger, Fran, Meadow, Lee


Late season crazy weather Pheasant hunt!

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