2015 Hunting Photos

Trailrunners Rook owned by George Duffy:

It's Remi's 6th birthday celebrated with a pheasant hunt!

Remi has brought us in touch with the Trailrunners family. Your wisdom, caring, sharing, and true friendship is cherished and appreciated! You have taught us plenty and have taught us that our dogs reflect our family leadership and bonding...and have helped us grow this focus in our family giving us strength to lead our pack! Thank you. Thank you for your care,help, natural healing ideas and support when Remi injured herself at age 2 and we were told by the so called experts she was to be put down. Well a testament to all of our perseverance together, including Remi's, this gal just put in a two day pheasant hunt for 3 family members and limited us out! Conditions were more than tough with few bird sightings, but I would put Trailrunners Remi up against any flushers out there,and would bet she would amaze them all - her nose, drive, tenacity to get under instead of over due to her size, and ability to find birds is nothing but amazing! Awesome bloodlines! To watch her work, and to see my son and brother shoot birds off her skills and abilities creates a feeling of pride that I cannot explain. Trigger had to sit this hunt out due to a bad cut on his side from a previous hunt. In the field he knows one mode - work!!! And nothing stands in his way. Diet, ongoing exercise, genetics, advice, elk velvet, lean weight and love has kept Remi going against the odds - and she will continue to do the pheasant hunts as long as her heart desires.. Even if it is only a 50 yd dash through cover...but after watching her work at her birthday party, we are hoping for many more great adventures.

Again, thanks Fran, Chris and family for your leadership, friendship and top quality family and hunting companions!!!

Randy Carly and Colton and owners of Trailrunners Trigger

Got a chance to wake up at 3 - on field at 330 and set up decoys til 25 mins before legal. Some guys that outfit in ND needed a spot. We visited. Turned out to be great guys and they were good with kids coming...so the 7 of us went out. Wow they had 700 full body snows and about 6 rotary machines that we put out. Still had another 300 decoys we never put out.

Well 138 snows of our 140 limit ( we stopped at 130 and found 8 - well trigger found most "hunting it up!"

All of this happened in just shy of 20 mins. Birds were landing on triggers hut and on out blinds. It was crazy!!! Kids - and not going to lie - dad..... Had a world class time of our life! The guys were great. Let kids get limits before we let loose. Classy. And safe! Poor trigger. Talk about restraint. Birds landing, falling, like rain ... And he would have to wait with birds down until we had cripples, then we would stop, send dog and pile birds in 10's.

Just amazing! They just came in droves in the last two days. Wild. Well the smiles say it all-dogs, birds, family and friends new and old - best hunts ever!






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