2014 Hunting Photos

This is Trailrunners Cache, and Dev Francis her owner, on a fall 2014 pheasant hunt in southern Saskatchewan near the USA border.  Only one pheasant they could not retrieve.  It fell on the USA side after being shot in Canada!  

Randy, Trailrunners Remi, and Trailrunners Trigger, on their 30th hunt this season, Dec 6th!

Well bird hunt #30 today. Had an amazing morning and got out limit thanks to Remi and Trigger. Remi's nose and desire to get into the thickest cover amazes me. The little gal was played out - i could see it in her eyes but walking back to the truck down the grid road because we had our limit - she still wanted to get off the easy walk into the cover eventhough she was spent. A true trooper. Took Trigger a but to remember he had a nose. The bull in the china shop would blast into the reeds then bound out - lol a true flusher!!! He got some birds flushed and i hit a rooster and lost it. After 10 mins in a big open area as he was hunting it up and i just about gave up, he locked onto a tuft of grass. I looked. Reached down an dug under and there was the wily rooster. I was so proud of him!!! After a couple hours of hunting his energy went down a bit and he started to hunt and bang - we got our limit. Tough hunt - first one without Colton, but happy Remi was able to come and show her magic- and good old trigger, the tireless hunter was a joy to work with! Todd turned 40 today and said best birthday ever. Friends pheasants and great dogs - what more can you ask for!!!


Hello Chris and Fran,
Jake will be turning 4 this year and is maturing nicely.

Another bird season is almost wrapped. We had a slow season for geese around here but the ducks were plentiful. To be honest I prefer the ducks anyway as it is a much faster game. the upside to fewer geese is Jake spent more time figuring out upland game birds. He busted his first covey of Grey partridge and several of Sharp Tails. A wonderful new tool to keep us hunting, Jake is steady and focused, a good hunting partner! He did several spectacular retrieves in very tough scenarios one a wounded goose over about 400 yards getting bitten and beaten all the way back and more than one blind retrieve of birds in heavy underbrush. A godsend to a bunch of guys that are not getting younger and don't move so good anymore.

As usual I have included a couple of pictures of Jake for you to enjoy and hope all is well for you. Please let me know if you are thinking about the Lloydminster Trade Show would like to see you all.

"Ryder's first hunt!"


Hey Chris

I thought I would send you another photo of our latest adventure. My friend and I took Pika out to a pheasant release site in Alberta last week. It was our first time hunting pheasants and Pika did extremely well. Without her we would not have flushed a single bird. I harvested my first pheasant and first sharp tail. Pretty impressed with her upland ability! I am not sure I can ever go bird hunting without a dog.

Thanks again


Trailrunners Mojo, I think it is his first hunt. Way to go Andrew and Mojo


Trigger thought the sky was falling and even got to get some water retrieves, all these ducks, our limit,
in 20 minutes, before work!  so had a great morning!

Trigger the Hulk

Trigger takes goose  down in Regina

Pheasant Hunting Oct 6-10

Fran was asked to run dogs for a pheasant hunt waaaay south in Alberta on the Montana Border. Lee, When, Troubadour, and Glorious Abbey (plus a client's dog named Nitro) got to go on this hunt with Fran.

This one is a potato hunter



Various hunts. I tried to pick out the best photos, but there are so many! The closeup is of Lee when he came hunting, and the one with Troubador is also of Lee and Peter learning to line him up under Fran's direction. The one of Nitro is funny and we loved that dog!! Collin wanted to take him home ;) Group photos are of friends from BC and Nova Scotia, and my brother Collin. Everyone was impressed with, and loved Deke, particularly Chrissy (who spoiled him rotten--he would whine to go wait outside her trailer until she woke up, and waited by her trailer door for her to come home when she was out lmao! Deke never had it so good! Of course, she loved him kissing her, and we don't really allow that lol).

Another 20 birds aren't going south! A tough morning. Set all decoys out but farmer harrowed last night so birds were landing on next field and after some not so great shooting in the wind we figured we needed way more lead on some and managed to get a nice harvest! Trigger was not impressed with the missing lol. Another great day in saskatchewan!!!

Another before school hunt, just colton, trigger and i. We set a real small spread and got 20 birds. Two doubles, and one group of four were the exciting take downs....eventhough we missed all 4 and they turned back in the wind and i got one and colton got 3 lol ! Trigger did an amazing blind that was super exciting!

Had a great morning. Got 50 on the nose. Could of shot more but as you can see by trigger...lots of empties- ran out of bullets!!! Took a Ukrainian man that speaks little english with us. He had time of his life and loved the dog (pas) in uke and spent more time praising and talking about trigger than anything lol Ton of snows around but have been hunted lots as americans in the area. Going again in morn...remi might come and get to pick up a ross or two as they are small and she is so jealous when we come home and she smells us. Hunt # 12 in the books with one ugly bird!

"hey fran and chris

hope all is well. Thought you might enjoy the picture of Pika and I with the birds we got today. Its been a while and we were a little rusty but it was a good experience. We just got back from hunting back to back mornings near morrin and coronation alberta.

Have a great fall!" -- Jim





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