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If you send your dog for gun dog training to Trailrunners you may find that you are in for the experience of a lifetime!  Trailrunners holds Hunting Dog Days after each group of gun dogs is trained by our trainers. It’s a great weekend where a group of our clients come to pick up their dogs, learn lots, camp (we have a campground and guest houses), meet new friends, play and “hunt” with their dogs, ( In the fall session we end with a real duck and goose hunt, with your dog/s).  Here’s how it works… On the final weekend after your dog is trained the owners come with their families for an intensive weekend of working with all aspects of your “now well trained” dog.  This includes off leash obedience in even the most distracting environments (including with many other dogs around).  We also set up field and water situations, even mock hunts with real birds, with you handing your dog and getting detailed coaching and instruction as to how to best handle and work with your dog on hunts.  We all watch each other and learn from each dog how to be better hunters and dog handlers.   

The pictures below can barely touch on all that happens during the weekend but it can give you a general idea.


“About the hunting dog debriefing weekend, everything was thoroughly explained and well organized.  About the Training Trix received, I was told by multiple hunters that a gun shy dog can’t be fixed, and now my gun shy dog is no longer shy but excited.” -- Robert Ingram and Trix.    Robert has shot many birds over Trix this 2014 hunt season and she is still doing great.

September 2013 -

Last weekend we had our "hunting dog days" weekend, which we have twice a year. People who own Trailrunners labs which we have also trained were invited for an intensive weekend of working and tweaking their dog's their dogs abilities in simulated hunting scenarios that we set up. There were 12 overall in attendance and 8 trailrunners dogs in the running including two pups in training. This year our generous friends (owners of Trailrunners Deke) set up a real hunt for us in a harvested pea field on Sunday Morning. It was an amazing hunt with 7 camo clad humans and 7 Trailrunners Labs including one pup in training, all tucked into their blinds among the decoys and stubble. The dogs were steady and they waited their turns. It really should have been filmed, how can you describe it. The pictures tell some of the tale of the weekend and the hunt. We shared meals and stories together, "camp over", and have a great time. Any past and present Trailrunners trained hunting dogs and their people are invited! These are usually held on the May long weekend and in September.

We're doing the real thing

Bill, Sharon, and Rook hunting

Rook ready, Bill napping

Rook marking geese

Randy and Trigger marking the bird

Waiting in the blinds for the birds

Learning to Honor

Bill sending Rook for his bird

Watching another dog work

Fran sending When for another bird

Dogs must deliver bird to hand

Deke in his willow blind

After the morning goose hunt

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