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Trailrunners K9 Training Center

July 22, 2013 - Trailrunners is having some paving done while the Labs look on.



View of Trailrunners Pet Resort and Training Center, from the campground along the lake.


One of the training center play yards at Trailrunners:

This is the Dog Den

Dogs like BB (here for obedience training) love the play yards they spend time in between their formal training,
socializing and playing with other compatible dogs.



View of the lake from Trailrunners:
You can see Trailrunners at the far end of the lake if you look carefully!



These are part of a flock of Canada Geese that are visiting in the lake at Trailrunners on their way south. This happens every year all through the fall. Even though the Trailrunners labs are up the hill less than 25 meters away and can watch then through the fence, The geese seem to feel safe here, and are frequent visitors. Perhaps they realize that the presence of the dogs means that the wolves and coyotes are not too close, as they do stay back from our property because they sense the dog pack odors.


Olie checking out the new construction on Training Center:


Trailrunners lakefront before development around 2003

Training Center under construction around 2003

Trailrunners pet resort under construction around 2005

early days at Trailrunners


This is what Trailrunners looked like in its current location, in 2002 when we just put up the first fence.


Labs coming in for bedtime in moonlight


Some our clients fly in to bring dogs for training or to pick up a pup.  
Some have chartered planes to send dogs in for training.  
The Big River Airport with its 1000 m all season maintained runway can handle anything
from a Beechcraft King air to the smallest Cessna.  Click here for more info. Call for details.

Trailrunners from the air:

Double Rainbow!


Trailrunners is in the boreal forest so there is
wildlife all around.

Here are 2 Trailrunners guard dogs, the senior one is Olie and in the picture you can see him mentoring the pup, Aslan. They are Ackbash, Turkish sheep dogs, whose job is to push bears and coyotes back in to woods, and to circle all the many fences and dog yards at Trailrunners keeping the dogs inside safe. Their protective and shepherding instinct is amazing.


Dog Training Services



We train ALL BREEDS for all issues including aggression, anxiety, "hyperness", and general disobedience.

Your dog gets expert training, and once the training is complete, we then teach the dog owner how to handle their "new" highly trained dog.

Our Labs





Trailrunners labs are bred to be the best, and will go to the best of homes. So we give them the very best right from the start.

Contact us to discuss becoming an owner of a Trailrunners pup or dog. We take deposits to hold pups.

Kennels & Boarding

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