TCH Trailrunners Autumn Ruby, JH, WCI, CDX, RE

Ruby, born July 2009, Brit X Gideon became a Tracking Champion last weekend. She also has her Junior Hunt, Working Certificate Intermediate, Companion Dog Excellent, and Rally Excellent certifications.


Calgary Canine Police 

Our partnership with Calgary Police has produced many dog and handler relationships. You can see them in the Calgary police calendar. Berkley and Ki are cadaver dogs and Wendy is an explosive dog.   

Sully is retired (Sullys daughter, Wendy now works for Calgary) 



Another Lab in the news... Jake is a Halifax RCMP dog provided by Trailrunners, so long ago already. He's getting old! According to the news article he's become a multi-million dollar dog.... 

"Police dogs on the front lines of fight against fentanyl"
David Burke · CBC News October 18, 2017



Here is a video of Trailrunners Kai (one of our pups) who works for Alberta Corrections. She is trained as a drug detection dog. This is her competing in the Canadian Police Canine Association Trials in Calgary Alberta - Sept 2016.


Sully was bred at Trailrunners and selected for Calgary City Police department as a detection dog. His mother is Trailrunners Lily Belle.

Sully has done essential police work in both Alberta and Saskatchewan and was Western Canada's first Cadaver detection dog. He works to find missing person remains and helps solve crimes by finding the evidence (however gruesome) needed. His age, still in service at 11 years (now retired at 14), shows the excellent health and soundness of Trailrunners working Labrador retrievers. His success rate in "finds" shows the excellence in ability bred into these dogs.

Here are the following links to the articles 

Links to Trailrunners Sully in the news:"CBC News" and "Calgary Herald"

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Charlie has qualified for the Dueling dog world championships in Dubuque in April 2020. These are her photos from the World's in October. Depicted are her Long jump (Big Air) and Speed Swim (Speed Retrieve) events, which are her better skills.



This is Gracie in plane window! She is  a highly trained cancer dog. She is trained in detecting cancer in humans. 



Orion is working with a conservation officer! He is known for working hard in the field, then coming home and being an amazing family dog!